[icon] ResCompare

What is it? ResCompare is a utility written by Michael Hecht (hecht@vnet.net) which compares the resource forks of two files, and can produce a self-applying patch to update an older version of a file to a newer version.
Who needs it? It's mainly useful to developers, who use it to identify the differences between two versions of an application or file, and optionally make a patch. You do not need it to apply existing patches.
What's it cost? Nothing. Michael has generously provided this utility for free, though he'd like to hear about any patches you make with it (please read the "About ResCompare" file in the distribution).
Where do I get it? You can download it from:


The latest version is 2.6.

What has this got to do with Codenautics? Nothing -- we didn't write it, we don't sell it; we just like it. It needed a web page, so (with Michael's permission) we gave it one. However, if you're really dying to see the things we are selling, check out the Codenautics home page.